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My Tennis Buddy (MTB): Unique and innovative. A compelling choice for tracking your tennis matches and to know your game.

My Tennis Buddy (MTB) puts at your fingertips a powerful tool for monitoring/analyzing match results and understanding better your game. Students, coaches, parents, and tennis fans can compute pertinent match statistics for a given player, analyze the player’s strength indicators, and easily view all recorded matches. These features, presented in a simple and intuitive style, gives you insights  that will propel you to a new level of proficiency in your game.

News: Read the In-depth review of My Bullet Serve (MBS) and My Tennis Buddy (MTB) posted on InsideTennis magazine.

My Bullet Serve (MBS): Unique and innovative. An excellent tool to find out what caliber are your serves.

MBS turns the iPhone into a powerful tool for measuring serve speeds. It provides an accurate initial serve speed assessment and the ability to track the top 10 serves over time for a given player. This gives you pro-level insights into your game and motivates your practice as never before -  particularly since you can measure and store serve speeds for multiple players and view a  ranking list of  these players  based on their fastest serves.

MyTennisWolrd (MTW): Convenient, a great choice for tracking your favorite tennis events.

MyTennisWorld allows to track professional ATP tennis tournaments. You can also create and track custom tournaments and events for your team/league matches.

For ATP tournaments, MyTennisWorld will show you information like location, money prize, last/this year winners. The application let you browse ATP and official websites, the tournament's Facebook, seating charts, and ticket information.

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